Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tonight's Dinner Brought to You Courtesy of...

...a long ass day of work. Oddly enough, after a long day of chasing down cheese vendors and cutting big pieces of cheese into smaller pieces of cheese all I wanted for dinner was some crusty bread and a good piece of cheese. Maybe it was to remind myself of why I go through all the crap.

 Rogue River Blue is a raw milk blue cheese that uses the same strain of blue as Roquefort. But they wrap it in grape leaves and soak it in pear brandy. The outside is so sweet but there's this peppery thing from the grape leaves. It's also 38.99/lb so I can only buy it in tiny increments. But totally worth the splurge.
I've been wanting to try Pretty Things since we visited their brewery. Baby Tree is brewed with dried plums, I thought that would be an interesting pairing with the pear in the rogue river. It's not a super fruity flavor, which is good. I didn't want anything too sweet.