Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mast Brothers Chocolates

I attended the holiday prep meeting this year and got to taste several new products the specialty department can carry. These are probably my favorite. I've looked at these every time I've walked through the chocolate section at Formaggio Kitchen. The wrappers are gorgeous. I snagged the Maple Pecan bar and the Serrano Peppers bar.

Both of the bars are 74% cocoa, but still manage to be silky smooth chocolate. The giant chunks of pecan in the Maple Pecan bar are salty and delicious. There isn't a super strong maple flavor. But it wasn't really missed. I'm a sucker for some salty chocolate. When I first tasted the serrano peppers I couldn't taste much heat at all. It's a very VERY slow heat. But then it hits you and it's pretty strong.

They have a Stumpton Coffee bar that I can't wait to try. And now I need to figure out a reason to keep the pretty wrappers...