Friday, August 13, 2010

Adventures in Cheese Buying

And yes, I mean that on a totally professional level. Yesterday, after only working in the cheese department a few times a week for about three months, I was chosen to be my store's new Cheese Buyer (there should be trumpets or something)!

Which means a couple of things:
1. Long hours-I have to figure out the ordering systems, inventory, pars, not to mention I'm a defacto supervisor in the department now
2. I have a LOT of homework to do. At this point I can talk competently about virtually all of the chocolate, 1/2 the cheeses we sell and virtually none of the olives.

I've begun the research phase of my orientation by picking up a few books. If anyone has any other suggestions I would be majorly appreciative. Here's what I've got


  1. Yay! This is not directly related to cheese, but I think I told you about that gay couple from NY who bought a farm - I just put their book, The Bucolic Plague, on my Kindle wish list! There are goats involved! It sounds fab. Also, one of them previously wrote a book about his life as a drag queen.

  2. PS - They do make some cheese from their goats but also use the milk to make soap! So cute!