Friday, January 30, 2009

I have these adorable glass jars that I bought at ikea. I bought them with the intention of keeping sprinkles in a decorative way. I'm now thinking they might be cute to put spices in. Now the question is, how do I tell when spices are good? I know I can just go to the grocery store and pick up McCormick's or Tones and they'll be perfectly adequate. But the product is only as good as its components, so I should use better spices. But do I want madagascar cloves or ceylon cloves? I know that tea from ceylon isn't necessarily the best one can get, it falls under the perfectly adequate category more often than not. Does that mean the cloves are no good? I know madagascar vanilla beans are quite good, does that bode well for the cloves?


  1. Jenn-remember spices are just like milk and coffee-----they cannot be displayed in light, so if the containers are clear glass, your counter won't work.
    Light denegrates the integrity so they won't be good very long

  2. I know. I was gonna put them in my make shift pantry (aka the hall closet we don't use). There's not really a good place to display them in the kitchen anyways.