Monday, April 6, 2009

Road trip to Sunderland

This past Sunday (ie yesterday) we went to visit Jeremy and Catherine. We went specifically for pancakes from Gould's Sugar House. It's this tiny little place about 20 minutes away from where they live that bottles their own maple syrup. And omFg (yeah, I'm using that unironically) was it amazing. It didn't hurt that I was starving. But we started off the experience with soft serve maple ice cream in the gift shop. Clearly they knew that ice cream was the way to my heart. I ordered blueberry pancakes, bacon and a fried egg. I wish I had thought to take a picture but I was too busy channeling my mom while extoling the virtues of pure maple syrup. I had to pick up a little bottle on the way out. I had to stop myself from buying the gallon jug.

We also dyed some easter eggs while we were there, a traditing Shannon and I clearly take more seriously than others. The say before Shannon had hardboiled 2 dozen so they'd be nice and cool for coloring.

Things to look forward to:
-A guest blog from Neither Honey Nor Honeybee
-We head off to Provincetown on Friday. And there's nothing better about traveling than finding new food experiences
- Ingredient of the Week. In an attempt to widen our cooking horizons we're going to pick one ingredient we aren't too familiar with and feature it in our dinner all week. Hopefully we can find some good stuff at the farmer's market. But I'd love some suggestions.

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