Saturday, July 25, 2009

Guerilla French Cooking post!!!

It's only about a month late, but I, Shannon, Jennifer's faithful soup chef and gal Friday, am finally posting about the Ina-inspired French dinner I made to celebrate her promotion. 

Menu and table ambiance for the evening.

Soup Course

Vichyssoise with cheese straws.

Cheese Course

(clockwise from top) Mint-honey Greek yogurt, a slice of gruyere, apricot-filled cheese, lemon goat cheese.

Main Course

Chicken with forty cloves and bacon-sauteed brussels sprouts.

Dessert Course
Creme brulee with lavender sugar crust, a dollop of marscapone, blackberries, and a sprig of lavender.


  1. Man, that girl looks like a pretty good chef!

  2. That girl IS a pretty awesome chef. That meal was omFg so good.