Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Happenings post!

I must start by saying I realize I've actually been very lucky this summer as far as the weather has been concerned. Sure it's rained a lot but I actually like rain and it cools everything off ( and waters my plants for me).

That being said, I have become extremely reluctant to do anything that involves turning my oven on. I made lasagna on sunday and had to go lay in front of a fan while it baked to keep from passing out. I've never lived, let alone baked, without airconditioning before. That is one luxury my mom would never let us do without.

So what I need is inspiration. I need ideas about things I can make and enjoy with heating up the oven. Cause while my marshmallow cookies were delicious they were a total mess when left out out of the fridge. (side not- when the weather cools off I'm going to be making home made marshmallows like a madwoman. So good!)

In other news, I've decided when I go back to sioux city in a few weeks I'm getting a new tattoo. My brother's childhood friend is an artist there. I'll be getting my kitchenaid mixer on my right underarm. I'm pretty excited for that.

Lily came over for dinner a few nights back and she still seems pretty stoked about me making some desserts for an event at the Davis museum. I'm pretty psyched for that too. I need to start doing some research on buying in bulk. Anybody know a good place for buying candy melts in bulk?

And last but not least there's about a month until the district barista competition. I think I've decided on Italian roast as my espresso. Hopefully it'll be slow tonight and I can experiment. I really want to win and get a free trip to Portland. Plus my manager would love me forever cause she'd get to go too. Think happy coffee related thoughts for me!


  1. That tattoo is going to be soooo wicked cute!

  2. pb & j ice cream!