Sunday, June 3, 2012

Homemade Hummus

I've made hummus before with canned garbanzo beans. Since my goal is to see just how cheaply I can keep my lunches I decided to go full tilt and try it with dried beans.Obviously the first difficulty is making sure you plan ahead and soak the beans. The second issue I had was compensating for the fact that since they are packed in liquid i need to add a bit of moisture to the mix. Neither of these were big enough problems to put me off using dried beans. 

 As far as a recipe I just kind of throw things in to a food processor. Of course tahini is a must, then I added garlic, a bit of chipotle powder, some nutritional yeast, and some Bragg's liquid amino acids for a bit of salt.
I had totally forgotten about these mini Ball jars in my cupboard, but they are the perfect size for lunch time portions of hummus. Plus they're wicked adorable.

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