Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Goat Cheese Truffles

I've made several incarnations of goat cheese truffles during my time in the cheese department, but this round might be my favorite. They are super easy to make and so versatile you can add basically anything you already like to pair with your goat cheese.

Top to bottom: Raw honey and marcona almonds, dill and pink peppercorn, unsweetend valrhona cocoa powder
 These are in fact so simple they don't warrant a written recipe. Mix equal parts good quality goat cheese and cream cheese in a mixer. I used Capricho de Cabra goat cheese from Spain, its mild and creamy and has a similar consistency to cream cheese. I also used Smithfield Cream Cheese which is an Amish brand which means no funky stabilizers, just creamy goodness. For the truffles I wanted to coat I put the mixture in the fridge for a while. For the truffles I wanted to mix flavors in I added the mix-ins and then let chill.
My favorite combination, both visually and taste-wise
Don't kid yourself, rolling these will be a messy process. I had my chefs whites covered in cocoa powder almost immediately (full disclosure, I am messier than most). But they look so cute and are such a crowd pleaser that they are totally worth the clean up.

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