Saturday, May 19, 2012

The problem with cookies...

Not a statement I ever thought I'd utter, but I have discovered a design flaw in these cookies. 
This picture refused to turn horizontal
 Since I spend all day in a grocery store I pretty much refuse to shop anywhere else. So there are some foods that I've always loved that Whole Foods won't carry so I've had to find replacements.These are one of the easiest foods to transition from conventional (ie-Oreos) to a Whole Foods brand. You can definitely taste the difference in the filling. The cane sugar frosting melts on your tongue and doesn't leave that sort of filmy feeling you get from other brands, major points 365! The cookie part tastes almost identical.

Building on the recent theme of me having weird food hang-ups, I simply cannot eat sandwich cremes without first dunking them in milk. Like, if I run out of milk I wont eat them. The design flaw with this particular cookie is that the vanilla cookie gets soggy at a different rate than the chocolate cookie. "Que horrible!" I can practically hear you shouting through the screen. Yeah, tough life...

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