Saturday, May 5, 2012

Once Upon a Time...

Proving that sometimes judging a beer by its label can be a brilliant idea, I discovered how amazing Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project when aimlessly browsing the beer departments shelves. Their labels are all gorgeous and bizarre. I've made it my mission to try every new beer they put out, and I've yet to taste anything that hasn't been stellar. This time I went with X Ale, 22nd February  1945.
This is one of two historical brews produced. They were produced by the same London brewery 107 years apart under the same name. Apparently the 1838 version contains a lot more alcohol. But in general Mild ale tends to be a dark beer with less alcohol per volume. This one is a 2.8%, which makes it a really nice beer to pair with dinner. It has a really toasty flavor. I drank mine cold, which I later read is a terrible english ale sin, so I might have missed some of the more complex flavors. But this is just a really nice, really subtle beer.

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