Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Horseradish and Chive Havarti

I don't generally go for horseradish cheeses or havarti for that matter. I find that more often that not when people stick spices or herbs in cheese they don't spend enough time worrying the quality of the cheese itself. Somerdale imports a line of cheeses that contradict this theory (Wensleydale with Cranberries, Cheddar with Caramelized Onions, etc) but the one cheese of theirs I don't really care for is Harlech, the horseradish cheddar. But I was given a sample and I've never been known to turn down free anything. So i decided to give it a whirl.
Ostenborg is owned by Roth Kase, the same people who own Emmi (producers of swiss cheeses) and Alp and Dell (producers of giant blocks of orange cheddar). They produce a large line of flavored Havartis including caraway, peppadew, and jalapeno varieties. 

Eaten on its on its very much what you'd expect from a havarti; buttery and unassuming. I couldn't really taste the chives but the horseradish gave a nice little kick. Probably not something I would generally snack on on its own. But I'll give their marketing credit, I really wished I had some roast beef to try it on a sandwich. I never grew up eating harvarti, we were a Kraft singles kind of family. Its not that I find the texture unpleasant, its just not something I'm drawn to. The best word I can think of for it is Squidgy.
Now melt the havarti on a burger and we're good to go. The picture is pre-melt as I was hungry and impatient. It gave enough added flavor that I didn't really feel the need to add many other condiments. And horseradish and chives is a pretty classic pairing with beef for a good reason.

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