Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Manchego and Quince

Jim always makes fun of me because at any given time I will have 4 to five open jars of jam/jelly/preserves in my refrigerator. But they all have very specific purposes. Blackberry for my PB&Js, Roasted Garlic and Onion for my cheddar, orange marmalade for my toast, etc... So I've actually been trying hard NOT to buy the Quince spread because it also has a very specific purpose in my mind; to be combined with Manchego  to make a gooey grilled cheese. 

To make matters even more finicky, I only like young Manchego if I'm going to melt it (I've mentioned briefly my aversion to hot/melted sheep's milk cheeses. I have no good explanation). But if I'm going to snack on Manchego just by itself I actually prefer the older, raw milk version. 

This quince spread is probably sweeter than if you're used to a traditional membrillo paste, but it's meant to spread and thus is easier for my purpose. It has just the right amount of tartness to cut the rich sheep cheese without overpowering the milder version. This company makes about a million kinds of spreads and I've yet to taste one I don't like, so I tend to trust anything in these little glass bottles.

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